Cone Lines for Chickens

Cone Lines for Chickens

The cone line is purposely designed for the efficient and hygienic cutting of poultry products. At Unitech, we can manufacture and provide conveyors which facilitates this process. For example, we are able to incorporate cone lines for chickens.

Cone Lines for Chickens

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient, easy to clean and low maintenance.
  • Reliable and robust.
  • Hygienic design, utilising food industry approved cones.
  • Adjustable speed control.
deboning lines


Products are loaded and placed onto individual cones, which are then moved along a conveyor line. The line speed is adjusted on the productivity rate (or skill) of the operator. As each cone passes, the personnel can then carry out their required tasks, allowing for precise and waste free cuts.

Applicable Types of Conveyor

The Unitech team can help design and manufacture the perfect system to suit your needs, giving you the platform to achieve maximum yields. If you would like to make an enquiry, please fill out the request form below and we’ll be happy to help.

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