End of Line Conveyors

End of Line Conveyor Systems

At Unitech, we design and manufacture end of line conveyor systems to help streamline your production processes. Our end of line conveyors include various features to help quickly and efficiently transport your finished products to their final destination.

Automatic Sorting

Automatic sorting allows finished products to be quickly and accurately sorted based on specific criteria, such as size, weight, or shape. There are a few different ways that this can be achieved – however the most common method is to use sensors or cameras to scan each product as it moves down the conveyor.

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Palletising and Integration with Robot Cells

Our end of line conveyor systems are integrated with robot cells for palletising and other tasks. This helps to further streamline the production process, allowing for increased speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Pack or Tray Combining

Our end of line conveyors also include the ability to pack and combine multiple products into a single package or tray. This can be useful for reducing the number of separate packages that need to be shipped, which can help to reduce shipping costs and improve efficiency.

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Pack Dividing

Pack dividing, on the other hand, is a feature that allows larger packages to be divided into smaller units. This can be useful for preparing products that will be shipped out to several destinations, or for managing inventory levels.

Pack Turning

Pack turning is a feature we use that allows products to be rotated or repositioned on the conveyor system as needed. This can be useful for ensuring that products are properly oriented for labelling, scanning, or other downstream processes.

Ergonomically Designed Manual Packing Stations and Lazy-susans

Ergonomic manual packing stations allow workers to adjust the height and angle of the work surface to match their individual needs and preferences, reducing strain and fatigue on the body. Additionally, these work surfaces may be designed with anti-fatigue matting or cushioning to further reduce stress on the feet and legs.

Lazy-susans are rotating turntables that are used to move products easily and efficiently, reducing the need for workers to lift and move heavy or bulky items manually. They can help minimise the amount of lifting and twisting required during the packing process.

Applicable types of conveyor we recommend include:

Our conveyor systems are built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, and are capable of handling a wide range of products and packaging types. For any enquiries or for more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our team of experts are standing by to help you find the perfect end of line conveyor system for your needs.

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