Ready Meal Conveyors

Ready Meal Conveyors

Ready meal conveyors play a crucial role in the food industry, helping to streamline the movement of ready meals within a facility, for both production processes and end of line packaging.

Unitech have a range of stainless steel conveyor systems suitable for the ready meal industry. These can be fully bespoke and made to measure to your exact specifications.

Modular Belt Derived Units

Modular belt conveyors are a cornerstone of the ready meal industry, providing an adaptable and reliable solution for the movement of meals within production and packaging facilities. These conveyors consist of interlocking plastic modules or links that form a continuous belt, creating a flat and sturdy surface for transporting items.

Their robust design ensures the stable movement of meals, reducing the risk of spills or damage during transit.

modular belt conveyors

Slat Belt Derived Units

Slat belt conveyors are designed to offer low friction transportation, making them ideal for transporting delicate ready meals.

De-pal tables equipped with slat belt conveyors are responsible for delicately removing ready meals from pallets. This process is crucial to prevent any damage to the meals while ensuring a smooth transition from bulk storage to the production line.

Accumulation alpines address the need for temporary storage within the production line. These units allow for the accumulation of meals, preventing bottlenecks and interruptions in the manufacturing process.

In facilities where meals need to be merged from multiple lanes into a single flow, slat belt conveyors excel as combiners. These units ensure a controlled and synchronised merging of meals, preventing collisions and maintaining the order of the production line.

ready meal conveyors

Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors make the most use of vertical space, allowing meals to be transported between different levels without occupying excessive floor area. These conveyors help facilitate a gradual and controlled descent of ready meals as they spiral downwards. This controlled movement ensures that meals are exposed to consistently lower temperatures, effectively cooling them without compromising their taste, texture, or appearance.

spiral conveyors

Stainless Steel Chain Indexing Conveyors

Stainless steel chain indexing conveyors are engineered to ensure the precise placement of ready meal components. The indexing mechanism of these conveyors enables precise movement and stopping at designated positions. This controlled movement ensures that each ready meal component is accurately positioned for assembly. The conveyors can be programmed to pause, move forward, or reverse as needed, allowing assembly line workers to add ingredients at the right moment.

ready meal indexing conveyor

Our ready meal conveyors are manufactured to the highest standard at our Midlands based facility. We have a team of electrical and mechanical engineers who can install your conveyors on site. Get in touch with us today.

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