Modular Belt Conveyors / Slat Belt Conveyors

Modular Belt Conveyors / Slat Belt Conveyors

Unitech manufacture a wide variety of modular & slat belt conveyors which are designed to suit the requirements of the industry sector they are supplied to, this ranges from industrial warehousing to food, beverage & pharmaceutical environments. Our core modular belt conveyor design is predominately of a stainless-steel construction utilising the latest modular belts on the market to help facilitate the highest quality end product.

  • Manufactured from 304 & 316 stainless steel, or also available in mild steel powder coated & aluminium.
  • Unitech can provide complete PLC controlled systems or single standalone units which can be integrated into existing system or form part of a complete new packaging/production system.
  • Hygienic design to the latest EN BS & EHEDG guidelines for ease of cleaning in the Food Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Vast array of conveyor widths available typically from (but not limited to) 85mm belt widths to 1500mm widths.
  • Adjustable supports legs are available in many formats, with typical adjustments ranging from +/- 50mm for standard legs to +/- 100mm for non-standard

Typical Configurations & Applications:

  • Accumulation conveyors and product buffer storage to cover Unpacked / Packed products and canning & bottle applications.
  • Bakery application
  • Combining conveyors and De-pal table applications available typically for the can & bottle industries.
  • De-watering systems
  • Elevating applications both foods & packed products
  • Fish Processing
  • Horizontal food processing / production
  • Horizontal pack transport
  • Inspection systems
  • Integrated Case Packing & Palletise systems.
  • Low Back pressure LBP applications to reduce pressure when accumulating.
  • Pivot / Luffing belt conveyor configurations
  • PLC controlled systems for new or integration into existing lines
  • Poultry Processing
  • Products sortation & inspections systems.
  • Radius Bend & Tight Radius Conveyors
  • Red Meat Processing
  • Salad & Vegetable processing
  • Spiral conveying applications for both direct food contact and packed products
  • Swan neck conveyors
  • Tight radius belt conveyor design for minimal foot prints & floor space.

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