Wire Belt Conveyors

Wire Belt Conveyors

At Unitech, we manufacture a range of wire belt conveyors that utilise stainless steel wire mesh belts. These belts are ideal for bakery, confectionary and other suitable industries.

We offer fully bespoke conveyors that are manufactured to your exact specifications. This gives you extreme flexibility in the design of the conveyor system.

We are able to use many different types of wire belt, depending on the type of application.

Wire Belt Conveyors

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Why Choose a Wire Belt Conveyor?

Wire belt conveyors are perfect for carrying light weight goods. The belt is designed with several openings which allow for efficient air and liquid ventilation. Furthermore, they can be used in a variety of high and low temperature conditions where products can be cooled, drained or even coated.

The conveyor’s open belt construction enables easy and thorough cleaning – thus preventing contamination. These hygienic properties are highly suitable for pharmaceutical applications and for the handling of food.

wire belt conveyors

Typical Features

  • Hygienic box section construction.
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel pressed side frame – designed for light duty applications.
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel diamond box section construction – designed for heavier duty applications.

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