Elevating Conveyors

Elevating Conveyors

Many production facilities will require methods of elevation to transfer products and materials. At Unitech, we are able to provide the perfect solution by offering high quality elevating conveyors – equipped with a flighted conveyor belt design to enhance product safety.

What is an Elevating Conveyor?

Elevating conveyors are purposely designed to move products from one level to another.

Often used in food, plastic and packaging industries – they can accommodate ascending and descending slopes of varying degrees, depending on your requirements.

Why choose our Elevating Conveyors?

Elevating Conveyors

Our elevating conveyors are mainly constructed using stainless steel (although a primed, mild steel option is available for dry environment applications). As a result, they are easy to clean and maintain, avoiding the risk of contamination and allowing for ultimate hygiene. We comply with the strict standards inherent in food production environments.

We have an experienced team who are more than happy to listen to your needs – offering the ultimate elevating solution for your products.

We can safely transfer your products, allowing you to make the most of your available space without compromising on speed or efficiency. Get in touch today!

flighted conveyor belt for salad handling

Features and Options

Our elevating conveyors are available with a fixed angle of incline or decline, however we can also design systems with adjustable angles. It’s your choice.

Additional side skirts can be installed to prevent materials from escaping the conveyor belt. This is especially useful in bakery environments or where powdery products are being moved.

Adjustable speeds can also be applied to our systems.

Our elevating systems can be integrated with other conveyors such as:

flighted conveyor belt

Flighted Conveyor Belt Design

Flights (or more commonly know as cleats) are raised dividers which are permanently fixed at regular intervals to a conveyor belt. They can greatly improve your conveying operation by preventing product fall back and allowing for steeper inclines.

We are able to offer flighted conveyor belt designs to our range of elevating conveyors.

We have the technical knowledge to produce and find the right system for you. We strive to improve the efficiency, production and growth of your business. If you would like to make an enquiry on any of our products, please fill out the request form below and we’ll be in touch.

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