Chain / Indexing Conveyors

Chain Conveyors / Index Conveyors

At Unitech, we manufacture chain conveyors, which we also refer to as chain index conveyors. They are produced to the highest quality and meet all hygienic standards.

Our machines have been utilised in numerous ready meal production lines. Either as standalone meal assembly units or part of an automated system, with fully integrated recipe controlled depositors.

How do our Chain Conveyors work?

Chain index conveyors are used in many industries. They are designed to move items down an assembly line.

Index Conveyors

Our machines can hold the product in place while it is transported, making them ideal for specialised filling and process applications such as ready meal production lines.

The conveyor is powered through a continuous chain arrangement, driven by a stepper motor for quick and accurate indexing.

We can design the chain conveyors to suit the required function and layout that you require. This can include various flight arrangements and conveying mediums.

Typical Benefits

  • Suitable for specialised filling and other process applications.
  • Ideal for ready meal systems.
  • Stepper motor driven, for precise indexing. Fully automatic and adjustable chain pitch to accommodate various tray sizes.
  • Machines can incorporate various conveying mediums and flight arrangements.
  • Rigidly mounted for stability.
  • Integral automation/control if required.
  • Hygienic design for ease of cleaning.

Typical Construction

  • 304 and 316 stainless steel framework and chain.
  • Diamond box section and tubular designs.
  • UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) hygienic wear parts, guides and supports.
  • Direct shaft mounted motorised gear units.
Chain Conveyors
Chain Conveyors

Our conveyors are typically constructed in 304 grade or 316 grade stainless steel and are rigidly mounted for stability.

As we predominantly supply to the food and beverage industries and other hygiene conscious industries, all of our conveyors are designed with hygiene in mind. We ensure the ease of cleaning with UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) hygienic wear parts, guides and supports. The motorised gear units are direct shaft mounted.

Our chain conveyors are used worldwide and we continue to keep up to date with the latest technologies and conveyor supplies to bring the best, most efficient solutions to our clients.

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