Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyors

Unitech powered roller conveyors are manufactured to suit a variety of applications, constructed from mild steel and stainless-steel. These modular design units are a cost-effective solution for the transportation of packed products suitable for all environments, to create an efficient handling system to cater for a wide range of automated conveying requirements.

Typical Configurations

  • Line shaft driven rollers.
  • Chain & belt driven rollers.
  • Motorised rollers for zero-line pressure accumulation/queuing of products without contact to avoid product jams.
  • PLC controlled systems for new or integration into existing.

Typical Applications

  • Case & box handling systems.
  • Integrated case packing & palletise systems.
  • Pallet/tote handling systems.
  • Sortation systems.
System Integration

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