Powered Roller Conveyors

Powered Roller Conveyors

Our powered roller conveyors are manufactured to suit a variety of applications. They are constructed from mild steel and stainless steel and are suitable for all environments. These modular design units are a cost effective solution for the transportation of packed products. They create an efficient handling system to cater for a wide range of automated conveying needs.

powered roller conveyors
powered roller conveyors

Powered roller conveyors generally consist of a sequence of rollers, mounted within a frame, where objects placed on the conveyor will be powered forward by the rollers.

A variety of products can be transported safely using these conveyors including: cardboard boxes, crates, trays, pallets, totes and more.

They can be found throughout (and we supply to) a wide range of industries including:

– Manufacturing
– Logistics
– Postal Services
– General Packaging
– Food Handling and Production
– Luggage Handling

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What are the benefits of Powered Roller Conveyors?

A powered roller conveyor system allows for the transportation of products at variable speeds, giving you full control over the speed controls to reduce the risk of damages and injuries in the workplace.

Powered roller conveyors are popular in manufacturing industries due to the long distances they can cover and the ability to handle much heavier loads – an important benefit to consider when compared to gravity roller conveyors.

The length of the conveyor can also be split into different zones, if you require. This means that each zone can be independently controlled and only active when an object is present – helping to reduce operational costs.

Please see below a video of a ‘powered roller conveyor’ which is used to convey pallets at one of our clients who is a cereal manufacturer.

powered roller conveyors
powered roller conveyor system

Typical Configurations

  • Line shaft driven rollers.
  • Chain and belt driven rollers.
  • Motorised rollers for zero-line pressure accumulation (or queuing) of products, without contact to avoid product jams.
  • PLC controlled systems for new projects. Or integrated into existing ones.

Typical Applications

  • Case and box handling systems.
  • Integrated case packing and palletising systems.
  • Pallet/tote handling systems.
  • Sortation systems.

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