Sandwich Conveyors

Sandwich Conveyors

Streamline your sandwich assembly line with our purpose built sandwich conveyors, designed and manufactured in the UK. Each unit is expertly crafted for the gentle handling of sandwiches, significantly lowering the risk of product damage and ensuring fewer sandwiches are discarded due to imperfections.

We build user-friendly conveyors tailored to your exact needs. A convenient start/stop button allows you to quickly halt production when necessary, providing you with better control over the entire assembly process.

All sandwich conveyors are constructed from high grade stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance. They are extremely hygienic pieces of equipment that prevent contamination and ensure the food safety of all your sandwich products.

modular belt conveyors

Conveyor Belt Options for Sandwich Assembly Lines

Modular Belt Derived Units Ideal for general transport and for moving sandwiches in a horizontal direction, ensuring a seamless flow on your assembly line.

PU Belt Derived UnitsPU belts have low friction properties, helping to reduce the risk of spillage or misalignment. They are also great when it comes to packaging and finalising your sandwich products.

Stainless Steel Chain Indexing ConveyorsAllows precise control over the movement of sandwich components, which is crucial when aligning various ingredients during assembly.

sandwich assembly line

Who Are They Suitable For?

Food Manufacturers: From small sandwich shops to large scale food production facilities, our conveyors are ideal for any business that assembles sandwiches in their production line.

Catering Services: Companies that provide catering services for events can also benefit from the efficiency and food safety advantages of our conveyor systems.

Fast Food Chains: Whether you run a fast food franchise or a local restaurant, our sandwich conveyors can help you maintain consistent sandwich quality and production speed.

Supermarkets: Supermarkets and grocery stores can use our conveyors to efficiently prepare, package and cut sandwiches for customers.

The Unitech team can design and manufacture the perfect system to suit your needs. Our sandwich conveyors can help you increase yield, minimise waste, and deliver uniform food products to your customers. Get in touch with us today!

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