PU Belt Conveyors

PU Belt Conveyors

Unitech offer a wide variety of PU belt conveyors suitable for the transportation of products either in packed or unpacked formats. Unitech belt conveyors are predominantly used in the Fish Poultry Bakery and Salad industries where we utilise our ultra-hygienic design to EN BS & EHEDG guidelines. In addition to these types of PU belt conveyors, we also build our belt conveyors for pack & case products which can easily be integrated into our automated packing conveyor systems.

Typical Applications

Typical Configurations

  • Horizontal conveyors.
  • Swan neck conveyors.
  • Elevating & lowerating conveyors.
  • Bend conveyors.
  • Pivot conveyors.
  • Metering / speed up transfer conveyors.
  • Cantilever design (full endless belt removal without the need for tools).
  • Nose bar applications.
  • Automated belt tracking (for nose bar applications).
  • Stay tracked belt conveyors (maintenance free belt tracked conveyors).
  • 304 & 316 stainless-steel pressed side frame design hygienic light duty applications.
  • 304 & 316 stainless-steel diamond box section construction for heavier duty applications.
  • Reciprocating conveyors for freezer and oven loading.
  • PLC controlled.

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